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Strain: Blueberry
Breeder: B.C.G.A.
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~50 days
No feminized seeds.

BC Growers Association - Blueberry

Because of it's genetic stability I prefer to call this a second generation blueberry rather than an F2. Parents were purchased from Marc Emery in the winter of 1996. He told me he purchased them from Sagarmatha of Holland. They were described as being "a mostly Indica plant of superior quality. This fast maturing girl produces large, crystallized buds with natural occurring blueish hues. The berry taste is unmistakable and very pleasurable on the palate." This is a bud for those enjoying quality without being knocked out.

Over time, blueberry's phenotype has changed from it's original release. The newer phenotype has wider lighter green leaves. Our BCGA version retains the original deeper green thin leaf phenotype that put blueberry on the map. Being a copy of the original version, this blueberry is exceptional breeding material that brings unsurpassed hybrid vigour and powdery mildew resistance to it's offspring. Anyone interested in making blueberry hybrids should make this their first choice for their blueberry.

Growers should expect some of the seedlings to start out twisted and variegated as this is a normal trait for this variety. Most seedlings out grow this as they mature. This pure version of blueberry is not the best choice for those looking for a blueberry production plant. The best blueberry production plants are blueberry hybrids such as Orange Crush.

Breeding Status: Purebreeding
Flowering: 45 - 55 days
Height: 70-100 cm.
Yield indoors: details
Outdoors: early October
Suggested growing skill: skilled

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