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Basic / Breeders Info

Blue Dream is a mostly sativa variety from and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±63 days) and outdoors. Humboldt Seed Org.s Blue Dream is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

Humboldt Seed Org.s Blue Dream Description

Humboldt Seed Organisation Blue Dream This cross of Blueberry and Haze is known for its very pleasant fruity- tangy- earthy taste, blue color, and strong and lasting, mixed mind and body high. The high starts with a sativa high and finishes around 3 hours later with a relaxing indica like muscle easing and pain killing effect.

It is one of the favourites in California and in fact it is among the top ten most demanded strains in there, which gives a good measure about the quality of this jewel. Taste is described by users as sweet, tangy, lemony, and earthy. Produces big plants that grow fast and wide, and it is appropiate for commercial purposes.

Type: Sativa dominant
Outdoor harvest: Mid october
Outdoor yield: Very high
Flowering: 9 weeks
Indoor yield: High
THC: 18%

Blue Dream Reviews

We've collected strain info from 19 growers for Blue Dream, check out the reviews about the indoor and outdoor grow here.

General Impression

Strength / Lasting Effect
The weed is strong and long lasting
User Rating
Blue Dream gets 7.41 of 10 possible Points in the average!

Known Phenotypes:

  1. short, compact, fastly blossoming, indica-dominant Phenotype #2
  2. short, compact, fastly blossoming, sativa-dominant Phenotype #3
  3. long, stretched, fastly blossoming, sativa-dominant Phenotype
  4. long, stretched, slowly blossoming, sativa-dominant Phenotype #1

More Info:

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How is Blue Dream growing outdoors?

Harvest Time Outdoor
Middle of September ± 1 Week
in CmHmβ climates
End of October ± 2 Weeks
in CmShα climates
Yield / Quantity Outdoor
The crop of this strain is high
General Impression Outdoor
Blue Dream is all together extremely good and very recommendable

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How is Blue Dream growing indoors?

Flowering Time Indoor
63 - 68 days (±65 days)
Yield / Quantity Indoor
The crop of this strain is high
General Impression Indoor
Blue Dream is all together a quite good strain

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Blue Dream Degustation

The seedfinder users tested Blue Dream and uploaded information about the aroma, taste and effects of Humboldt Seed Org.s Blue Dream. Here a short overview, click to the charts or links to get an exact description and find similar cannabis varieties!

Aroma / Smell

~2% Raspberry ~3% Blackberry ~3% Blueberry ~2% Cranberry ~4% Apricot Tree ~10% Berry ~16% Tropical ~10% Sweet Lemon ~1% Lime ~2% Grapefruit ~34% Pepper ~12% Floral ~26% Fruity ~13% Citrus ~34% Herbs ~14% Pine ~39% Sweet ~13% Sour ~48% Spicy

The aroma / smell of Blue Dream can be described best as Spicy (partially Herbs and also a bit of Pine), fairly Sweet (partially Fruity and also a bit of Floral) and additionally as a little bit Sour (or Citrus). more

Taste / Flavour

~2% Raspberry ~5% Blackberry ~5% Blueberry ~3% Cranberry ~2% Passion Fruit ~17% Berry ~7% Tropical ~4% Sweet Lemon ~9% Pepper ~8% Floral ~24% Fruity ~7% Citrus ~22% Hot ~9% Herbs ~6% Pine ~6% Hashish ~7% Organic ~32% Sweet ~18% Sour ~43% Spicy ~7% Bitter

The taste / flavour of Blue Dream was characterized as fairly Spicy (Hot and also a little bit Herbs, Pine and Hashish) and Sweet (very much Fruity and also a bit of Floral), a little bit Sour (a little bit Citrus) and additionally as minimal Bitter (or Organic). more

Effect / Effectiveness

~15% Activating ~13% Uplifting ~0% Light headed ~9% Exhilarating ~5% Relaxing ~2% Thought provoking ~5% Meditativ ~2% Aphrodisiac ~3% Spacy / Confusing ~2% Psychedelic ~1% Stressful ~4% Paranoic ~10% Calming ~0% Couchlocking ~1% Sleepy ~2% Narcotic ~3% Nervous / Fidgety ~9% Energetic ~11% Appetizing ~1% Pain numbing ~63% Head ~37% Body

Blue Dream have basically a strong effect to the Head (a little bit Activating and Uplifting and also minimal Relaxing and Meditativ) but is also affecting to the Body (a little bit Appetizing and Calming and also minimal Nervous / Fidgety and Narcotic). more

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Blue Dream Comparisons

How is Blue Dream growing and effecting compared to other varieties? 3 seedfinder users uploaded direct comparisations with Humboldt Seed Org.s Blue Dream and compared this cannabis variety with 3 other strain(s). Click on the links to get more information and see how good this plants can be grown together!

Humboldt Seed Org.s Blue Dream
VS. Royal Queen Seeds' Haze Berry
VS. Barneys Farms Liberty Haze
VS. Reservoir Seeds' Sour Diesel IBL

Blue Dream Lineage / Genealogy

Map of the Blue Dream Family Tree

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Blue Dream Hybrids & Crossbreeds

{Blue Dream x Sour Diesel} x KC Strawberry
Blue Jungle
Blue Dream x {Creamsicle #10 x ZkittlezCake}
Grape Dream
Blue Dream x Sour Grape
Dark Dreams
Blue Dream x Rare Darkness
Blue Dreamsicle
{Creamsicle #11 x Blue Dream} x Wilson Cake Wilson Cake
Boulder Queen
Blue Dream x Tangerine Power
Hash Passion x Blue Dream

Map of the Blue Dream Descendants

If you are with a big screen and not browsing with your mobile, check out our dynamic family tree map with all known hybrids of Blue Dream! (but this maybe will need some time to load all the data!)

Blue Dream User Comments

Altogether we've collected 18 user comments about Humboldt Seed Org.s Blue Dream. Here you find the 12 english user comments, for the ones in the other langues please click here: german (6).

- 09.02.2020

This comment is connected to a Blue Dream review!

In 2013 I bought 3 seeds and got an incredible result - all 3 plants were amazing and produced a big yield of the highest class: psychedelic, intense and deep.

In 2019 I decided to try it one more time. The result is a disaster. I've got completely different plants with a very small yield. The high is very primitive, not interesting and very weak. Probably, it was the worse crop I ever had. It's a low-class grass, totally not recommended.

Unfortunately, it loks like HSO is losing it's positions. Other growers also report dissatisfaction with some other strain. Currently i'm germinating 3 seeds of other HSO strains, and all of them weak.

i think it's time to move further. Goodbye, HSO! this comment

- 04.12.2018

4 years ago i got 1 good pheno out of 10 seed.

Its really usable and i wanted to repeat this result. Since 3 years and 40 seeds later i didnt get out one single usable Plant. Most look like on my liked photos or just dont produce enough resin. I grow them unter 1000w Dimlux lights with a automated Pro-Leaf water cooled Aircon system and a CO2 burner.

Several other Genetics like Amnesia, Cream Caramel, L.S.D performed very very well in the same run/room.

I dont know what they did with the mother plants this 40 seeds have 00000 in common with the other 10 seeds 4 years ago. Maybe they mixed the seeds and put other in the Blue Dream glasstube.

And they even didnt care to answer my well written letter.

I will not repeat trying to find a good Blue Dream genetic.

Just a waist of resources and time. this comment

- 24.07.2017

This comment is connected to a Blue Dream review!


Die Blue Dream wuchs (innen) Hybrid lastig (normal groß, breit, mit mitlleren Blättern). Die

Blüte-stände waren überdurchschnittlich mit Harz überzogen. Die Sorte wuchs in der

vegetativen Phase normal schnell. Der Strech war enorm hoch !!

Der Ertrag war ebensfalls sehr hoch. Gerade in den letzten Wochen hat die Sorte

nochmal richtig zugelegt. Die Qualität, der Blütenstände war sehr überdurchschnittlich !!

Die Sorte reagierte gut aufs Toppen und hatte an den eher wenigen aber langen

Seitentrieben sehr große und kompakte Blüten. Das Verhältnis zwischen Blüten und

Blatt-Masse sehr gut !!

Die Sorte konnte durchschnittlich gut manikürt werden. Die Sorte benötigte aber

mindestens 9-10 Wochen um ernte reif zu sein !! Auf Grund der stark verzögerten

Blütenausbildung kann ich mir nicht vorstellen, dass man die Sorte auch

draußen (in Deutschland) anbauen kann.


Nach dem Trocken und dem Zerkleinern, habe die Blüten dann stark scharf

und nur leicht süßlich gerochen. Der Rauch war mild und sehr angenehm.

Den typisch fruchtigen Geruch einer Blueberry konnte ich leider kaum



Insgesamt war der Effekt eher sativa lastig und sehr stark.

Anfänger kann ich die Sorte daher eher weniger empfehlen.

Erstaunlicherweise war die Wirkungsdauer sehr lang und lag bei

ca 4 - 5 stunden. Der Rausch hatte zum einen sehr positive

und zum anderen auch sehr negative Seiten.

In den ersten 15 minuten ist man leicht entspannt. Danach kommt

eine Phase in der man sehr pychedelisch überdreht ist. In dieser

Phase muss man sich bewegen und ist dabei aber sehr unruhig und nervös.

Diese unruhigen phasen kenne bis jetzt nur von Haze Sorten.

Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass ungeübte Raucher hier schnell

Paranoia bekommen können. Nach dem energetischen Zustand bekommt

man schnell hunger und muss sich entspannen. Während des

gesamten Rausches ist man jedoch sehr verwirrt und weniger klar

im Kopf.

Medizinisch gesehen würde ich Sorte gegen Müdigkeit und

Antriebslosigkeit empfehlen, aber eher weniger bei Depressionen.

Der Effekt hat mich insgesamt sehr stark an Critical+(dinafem) erinnert.


Die Blue Dream war eine sehr gut wüchsige Hybrid Sorte mit einem sehr hohen Ertrag.

Die Blütenstände waren überdurchschnittlich mit Harz überzogen. Der Effekt

ein energetisches und pychedelisches High war sehr stark und überwiegend

sativa lastig. Wer auf Haze Sorten steht und dabei weniger als 10 wochen warten

will, kann ich Sorte empfehlen. Die Wirkungsdauer war insgesamt sehr lange ! this comment

- 28.06.2017

This comment is connected to a Blue Dream review!

Had 2 distinct phenos from my beans - short, fast flowering Blueberry pheno and stretchy, slower Hazey pheno. Was stoked to get this Sativa pheno. Grew them both out twice before killing off the Indica leaning pheno.

The keeper is a 10 week strain, super high yield and nice happy, uplifting high, even gives you the giggles. It is a bit finicky with both environment and nutrients. I have found it can be fed regularly up until about half way through flowering when I need to back off the nutes.

After the stretch finally finishes the buds start to fill out, and out and out until its like night of the triffids in there. Some foxtailing which does effect the density of the buds but for a Sativa dominant strain its to be expected. Great production strain and enjoyable smoke. this comment

- 09.03.2017

This comment is connected to a Blue Dream review!

Absolutely horrible, just like any other HSO strain I ran. Garbage, garbage, garbage.

Ran this and other HSO strains (Green Crack, Pineapple Skunk) for the third time and even selecting the best phenos didn't hold the comparison with just about any other seedbank strains.

I came to the conclusion that it is better to get Gonorrhoea than to get Humboldt seeds...because while Gonorrhoea is a problem you can solve with some antibiotics and a week or two, Humboldt seeds are a problem that will take you months to get rid of.

I am never buying another one of these expensive bird food items ever again in my life. this comment

- 27.02.2017

This comment is connected to a Blue Dream review!

In my experience. this is no longer a good strain from HSO. I originally grew this strain in late 2013 and again in early 2014 and both packs produced very uniform plants with an amazing structure and great yield. The end result was a perfect balance of it's Haze and Blueberry parents with amazing flavours with a great high. This is still in my Top 5 of all time strains I have grown and smoked from Fem seeds. However, I have since run another 3 full packs (bought separately) and they have all consistently produced low yielding, bland flavour and musky smelling indica plants with NO hint of haze any more. I have emailed HSO a few times and asked whether the parents have changed over the years or whether it's just (very) bad luck, but have never had a response. I will now assume that something HAS changed and will not waste any more time or money trying to find the Original Blue Dream from a few years ago......what a shame HSO, these used to be the one of the best Fem Hybrids on the market! this comment

- 16.07.2016

This comment is connected to a Blue Dream review!

Based on other reports/info I expected this to be a fairly vigorous hybrid with a fair share of sativa traits and interesting colors/smells/taste.

Decided to give it a try and germinated 5 feminized seeds.

All 5 popped and the seedlings started off nice and vigorous, but soon showed very fat leaves, sign of an indica-dominant plant.

Very homogenous strain; all five plants looked pretty much alike, with short internodes, bushy structure and dark, fat leaves.

Two out of five smelled expecially sweet-fruity and delicious, but then again they were pure Blueberry traits, nothing much different.

Also, just like Blueberry, the plants were not difficult to grow but still quite finicky as they would be the only ones in a variegated garden to occasionally signal any deficiencies.

All in all not impressed at all with this strain; it does have some pretty lovely characteristics but nothing more and nothing different than a Blueberry. In fact, it prompted be to grow actual Blueberry next time around.

Kept clones of the two sweetest smelling ones and will try and run them again with a longer veg to see if something more can be pulled out of them.

I've seen some pretty decent phenos grown by other people but frankly looked nothing like mines.

I might have been expecially unlucky and got five indica-leaning phenos out of a five-beans pack but there is that. this comment

- 05.01.2016

This comment is connected to a Blue Dream review!

Nice strain but not the biggest harvest out of 6 strains I would say this one came in last for me both for the yield and overall appreciation of the buds. Nice blueberry smell but it is combined with a very piny after tone/taste that I dislike but still a nice plant. I only had one seed so it may not be a good representation of the genes. It handeled a rich soil well. this comment

- 06.11.2015

This comment is connected to a Blue Dream review!

I`ve been growing og kush,bubba kush, sour blueberry,pineapple skunk and the trainwreck from HSO and I was always happy about The result I had,everytime! Never had bugs or problems Even during an Hot Summer when I was growing the pineapple with more than 30°c in The growbox! But Blue Dream is completely insane! Grows fast and strong and produces very very fat buds lot of resin! Blue dream gave me a super harvest of defenetly top quality weed!I suggest this to every grower this comment

- 13.10.2015

This comment is connected to a Blue Dream review!

This strain is insane. Let me start out by saying I have been growing outdoors for more than ten years, and never have I seen such vigorous growth from any plant when started indoors, nor such large buds on any other outdoor plant I have seen, either mine or my friend’s. And I ordered seeds that were supposed to be “big bud” on a few occasions.

I ordered just two seeds, both were a different phenotype. The first, the one I kept as a clone, had the thickest, biggest second nodal leaves I have ever seen. They were as big as my hand almost! The stem got thick really early on. I kept it under the lamps for two months and topped it constantly, then placed it outdoor on 11. of May. For the first month, the growth was nice, I was extremely happy with the progress. I had placed it in 140L of fresh soil, added charcoal from a burned fireplace (all plants love that Carbon!) and used nutrients with slow release. And then the plant took off. Quite literally. It grew into a monster whose thirst was almost impossible to quench in the hot parts of the summer. Waterings were necessary at least every third day, and I had to use 6 – 10 liters of water, although it could have easily gone for way more. While the Moby Dick growing next to it could go for up to 5 days or more and didn’t show signs of “omg feed me or I will wither and die.” As you can imagine, this can be a problem if you’re growing guerilla.

It loves Nitrogen. I used 25-5-5 and it ate it all without a single sign of nutrient deficiency or burn. Since it was very hot, however, it began taking water from the lower leaves and shedding some in the process during the last part of July and beginning of August. This was in no way problematic and in fact better, since the plant grew to about 2m in height and about the same in circumference and had a fuckton of foliage.

This “keeper” I assume was a 50/50 mix between haze/blueberry since at no point was I able to decide if it was more indica or sativa, not even in flowering.

The other, more sativa pheno, is characterized, it seems, by having an intense smell when you rub the leaves, some kind of minty/lemon, while the 50/50 mix did not have much of a smell when the leaves were rubbed between the fingers. You really cannot miss the sativa pheno, simply because of the smelly leaves. They smell very good, too.

When flowering began, the 50/50 mix showed more signs of thickness than the sativa, although the sativa FILELD UP. Both gave extremely good yields, although the 50/50 seemed to have those really FAT buds that can topple a plant and make it hug the ground more easily. Although the motherplant of the sativa pheno did that as well, which makes me think you really can’t go wrong with either of the phenotypes.

At one point the wind broke one of the branches, so it is advisable to invest in a net or something that may support the hugeness of the plant during heavy winds.

The smell of the buds is very sour and slightly fruity, and the thrichome coverage is just amazing. The high is just as advertised. Intense, euphoric, and if done excessively, ass-kicking and will put you down to ponder the mysteries of life and all things therein. this comment

- 14.03.2015

This comment is connected to a Blue Dream review!

Bullet-proof plant with large, compact buds nearly solid the length of the branch. incredible resin count, aroma, flavor and bag appeal--personal use or commercial, consider growing this strain!!! this comment

- 05.01.2014

Very tasty strain strong plants defiantly shows the blueberry in her breeding only had one seed and cloned many many from there chosen out of about 7 different strains side by side very nice this comment

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