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Strain: B.F.G.
Breeder: JustFeminized.com
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: indica/sativa
Flowering: Automatic flowering
~70 days (From seedling to harvest.)

Only female seeds.

JustFeminized.com - B.F.G.

Aka: The Big Friendly Giant

When we came across this strain we simply had to add it to our collection. In our search for cannabis genetics we constantly get asked what the highest yielding strain is, now we have the answer..

This strain is big, friendly to grow and ends up a giant hence the name B.F.G.

The B.F.G. feminized cannabis strain is a good balanced of Indica and Sativa genetics. The plants grow uniformed like a typical Indica Strain but with the kind of bulky look somewhat similar to the structure of Powerplant. The buds pack on loads of weight and still remain slightly airy so the buds with plenty of air circulation don’t have problems with mould. The plants grow to a medium height of just over 100cm but can end up at 150cm+ dependning on veg time so be a little careful if height is an issue. When we say this one is big we mean it and the extra couple of weeks flowering is well worth the wait. On testing we achieved an average yield of 4.5 ounces per plant so the estimated yield of up to 800 grams per m2 is easily achievable. Another great benefit to this strain if done correctly is that the buds will not stink when growing but on harvest will dry out nice and fragrant.

The end result once grown will be a nice juicy bud with the occasional spicy essence. The smoke is not so much for the hardcore Cheese and Amnesia lover but a preferred choice for everyone else. With a balanced effect on your mood this giant beauty will leave you pleasantly high.

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