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Strain Name
Auto Astarta
Mudro Seeds
indoor, outdoor
Automatic flowering
~84 days (From seedling to harvest.)
Normal or female seeds.

The author's work of Auto Astarta has already become a real hit among similar varieties of auto-fem lines Mudro Seeds. This "space horse" becomes even closer and more accessible in a new maxi format with an excellent discount and the ability to realize the remaining funds for any other position of the seeds of the Mudro catalog per piece.

A new universal, sustainable and effective variety, which 100% will surprise anyone who gives the seeds of cannabis due love and attention. Great for various latitudes and climatic zones especially for outs. It will become an indispensable tool, both in experienced hands, and in the hands of the discoverers of the mysteries, which conceals the real cannabis seed. This variety has a unique genetic combination of Ruderalis Indica * Big Devil * Poison Green, which guarantees a deep soothing and analgesic therapeutic effect.

To see the photo and the full description of the variety Auto Astarta fem, as well as to order and buy these cannabis seeds per piece by mail delivery to any countries and regions, please visit the parent page of the variety here.

type: Sativa / Indica
Genetics: Ruderalis Indica * Big Devil * Poison Green
Application: Indoor / Outdoor Height: predominantly high.
From seed to harvest: 12 weeks
Productivity: 100-200 gr / plant

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