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Strain Name
Amnesia XXL Auto
indoor, outdoor
Automatic flowering
~83 days (From seedling to harvest.)
Only female seeds.

BSF Seeds is a classic of all times, in its autoflowering and super production version, the Amnesia
XXL Auto. This variety is characterized by being a plant of medium-high stature and very easy to
grow, for its resistance to pests and diseases; an exceptional producer that boasts a compact and
very heavy central bud, obtaining enormous sativa crops in a short time.
The Amnesia XXL Auto preserves the classic aroma of haze, lemon and pine, and even with sweet
nuances in some specimens. Its powerful long-lasting effect, more cerebral than physical, makes it
a perfect choice for day-to-day use. For our medicinal users this strain offers a prolonged activating
effect, perfect to treat depressions and food problems.
As with our other autoflowering varieties, we recommend using a good diet from the beginning,
trying to reduce it by half during flowering. Amnesia XXL Auto is without a doubt powerful sativa that
you should not stop trying.

Genetics: Amnesia x Male Selected Auto
Sativity: 80%
THC: High
Effect: Powerful, Physical, Active
Complete Cycle: 75 - 90 days
Taste: Pine, Incense, Haze
Production: Indoor: 400 – 500 grs/m2 / Outdoor: 60 – 250 grs/plant

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