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Average Indoor Review

Phenotype: unspecified / whole variety

info by Str. Yi. Co. St. To. User-Votings
trevor1plant profile trevor1 400 %
anywayplant profile Anyway 243 %
Lazybearplant profile Lazybear
gillysuitplant profile gillysuit
Staminaplant profile Stamina 500 %
megatherionplant profile megatherion 300 %
Jasybplant profile Jasyb
dondiegoplant profile dondiego 250 %
HORRSTplant profile HORRST
mrnicexplant profile Richfield
parpaingplant profile parpaing

long, stretched, slowly blossoming, sativa-dominant Phenotype #1

info by Str. Yi. Co. St. To. User-Votings
Idetomplant profile Idetom 240 %