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Strain Name
Afghan Kush Autoflowering
indoor, outdoor
Automatic flowering
~60 days (From seedling to harvest.)
Only female seeds.

You can already find in our the PEV Bank Seeds catalog our 100% indica marijuana strain Afghan Kush Autoflowering, a marijuana plant with the authentic taste, aroma and effect from the European old school.

By the same token and due to it, this we have shown this cultiva in the European Old School line from Pev Bank Seeds, a marijuana genetic stabilized and produced with 21st century technology, but keeping all the aroma and flavor of the 20th century.
Due to the low price of these seeds, I wouldn't think too much about getting this strain if you want to obtain high quality buds with a very good yield, as we offer you this excellent genetic as a result from a crossbred between Afghan Kush Feminized x Lowryder II (Rudelaris) at the best price.

Afghan Kush Autoflowering from PEV Bank Seeds is perfect for growing in greenhouses or small terraces, since genetics Kush in general can be harvested in only 2 months from germination.

This phenotype does not get too big so it is ideal for growing in confined spaces, you will love its peculiar aroma and ripe fruit flavor with spicy nuances and noble woods touches very typical of Kush genetics.

This wonder will give you the best quality buds, obtaining a final harvest of up to 80 grams per plant in outdoor, and up to 400 gr / m2 in indoor crops if you grow it with lamp of 400 watts or an equivalent LED lamp putting only 9 plants in the whole growing space.

In the final phase of flowering you will find dense buds all full of opalescent trichomes which will cause on you a deep relaxation; This marijuana is perfect to use after a long day of work.

We hope you enjoy it!
More info

Seed bank: PEV Bank Seeds.
Gender: Autoflowering and Feminized.
Genotype: 100% Indica Hindu Kush x Rudelaris.
Phenotype: Expresses its genotype openly, not photoperiod dependant.
Cycle of cultivation: 8-9 weeks from germination.
Indoor production: 300-400 g / m2
Outdoor production: 50-75 g / plant
Height: 80-100 cm.
THC level: 18-21%
CBD level: 0.50-0.80%

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