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SeedMasters Seedbank Review

Payment per: Bank, Credit Cards
Located in the United Kingdom (GB).

User Rating (4 reviews)

  • Product Quality: 10.00 10.00
  • Delivery Speed: 9.75 9.75
  • Customer Service: 10.00 10.00
  • General Impression: 9.92 9.92
    (on a scale between 0 und 10 points)

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SeedMasters is listed as "gray" at the SeedFinder. This means we do not have very much info about this seedbank - you should have a view to the user-reviews or try by self at your own risk.

User Reviews

User User Comments Delivery country Date Q F S General Impression
Why is this still marked as "gray area"? This seed bank is legit!! Common mark it green already, 3 times and the delivery is faster!! Best seed bank around!! 10/10 great every thing all around!! Green dot already!!
United States May 2017 10 10 10 10.00
Order sent out 4/20/2017 and its the 25th. Tomorrow 4/26/2017 they will be in my mail box!!! Last time it took 2 week this time it took less then a week!!!
United States April 2017 10 10 10 10.00
They replied to every email in a matter of hours, (Im in a 7 hour difference in time) hint to help* if your using a CC buy a pre-paid visa that allows international transactions to keep under the radar from major bank companies to keep CC payments up and continual. They say as well to allow for up to 21 business days from date of order to expect delivery. I got mine in a total of 14 business days. If usps would have been faster then I would have gotten my order quicker. If delivery would have been faster then I would have given delivery 10/10. But a very reliable and legit Seed-bank!
United States March 2017 10 9 10 9.67
Prices are good and currently free delivery. Paid by card (sagepay). Package arrived well wrapped and quickly in an unmarked bubble envelope. Beans were in sealed retail packages, even the freebies.
  October 2015 10 10 10 10.00

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