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Azarius Smart- & Headshop

Azarius Smart- & Headshop Seedbank Review

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Located in the Netherlands.

User Rating (20 reviews)

  • Product Quality: 8.69 8.69
  • Delivery Speed: 8.56 8.56
  • Customer Service: 7.23 7.23
  • General Impression: 8.16 8.16
    (on a scale between 0 und 10 points)

SeedFinder Info

Azarius Smart- & Headshop is listed as "green" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

Good an old company with a very fast delivery, a smart-shop in amsterdam and an own seed-label.

User Reviews

User User Comments Delivery country Date Q F S General Impression
Surtout intéressant pour le matériel, pour les graines ya mieux mais cest correct
Belgium February 2018 8 8 7 7.67
Bons prods + une équipe top sympa
France April 2017 9 8 10 9.00
Seeds great :) , other products like smartshop etc... makes the grade go down i products, vaporizer great :) . It is like this Hemp = GREAT :).....
Sweden January 2017 8 9 8 8.33
I had some questions and they really gave ma some usefull answers so I had a positive experiece making my order. Also the package arrived the next day and the seeds seem to germinate well. Next time Ill order here again.
Netherlands September 2016 10 9 10 9.67
Site sérieux, simple. Livraison rapide et produits bien emballe
  May 2014 8 10 7 8.33
Ordered in Russia, were unable to send goods. After 2 months of trying to get the money back. Claimed that we did return, but deceived. then chose other items asked to send. still got nothing.
Moscow, Russia February 2014     0 0.00
versendet nicht mehr nach de
deutschland February 2014        
Was will man mehr.
Germany December 2013 9 9 8 8.67
I always order my seeds here. Really fast and good service. They have a huge assortment of seeds and other products.
France December 2013 8 10 10 9.33
bin sehr zufrieden mit dem shop. einfach bestellen, Vorkasse und 3-6 tage spaeter klingelt die post :-)auch immer ein kleines extra dabei...alles perfekt,weiter so.
luxemburg October 2013 6 7 7 6.67
immerwieder gerne, eben perfekt :-)
  October 2013 7 7 7 7.00
erst nach der überweisung wurde mir mitgeteilt das einige produkte nicht lieferbar sind, die angebotene alternative habe ich abgelehnt und meine bestellung storniert. einen tag später erhielt ich eine e-mail das die ware die ich nun nicht haben wollte mir nun zugesand wird ?! toll danke .... ich verstehe etwas anderes unter kundenservice!!!!
  October 2013   4 0 2.00
Great selection of seed brands! For all those who dont like to order from UK. These guys are the best choice. Friendly and timly communication, stealth shipping option, free beans! Very good service. Will definitively order again!
United States June 2013 10 10 10 10.00
  Deutschland March 2013   10   10.00
  deutschland January 2013 10 8   9.00
  Deutschland July 2012 10 10 10 10.00
    September 2011 10 9   9.50
Schneller Versand.. logischer und übersichtlicher Seitenaufbau nur könnten die ein spezifischeres Samensuchsystem haben. Aber wens stört, der kann ja über suchen!! ;)
Deutschland January 2010 10 10   10.00
  Deutschland December 2009 9 9   9.00
    May 2009 7 7   7.00

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