SeedFinder goes HTML5

SeedFinder goes HTML5


written by SeedFinder

Post made at Thursday 29th of September 2011 11:10:33 PM
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SeedFinder goes HTML5

Post made at Thursday 29th of September 2011 11:10:33 PM by SeedFinder
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We changed our doctype to HTML5 now! This will bring us some new options, but we hope thats not noticeable for the moment ;) Where we are headed, it can be shown in a first small example. We will integrate some new stuff step by step, but as a first step and example we have updated our strain clouds for aroma, taste and effect right now :) Until now we included our pie-charts as old-fashioned, big PNG files or with the google chart api - now we can deliver nice vector graphics as inline SVG. These not only look better and load faster, they also are even prettier scalable. Here is a good example: Acidic aroma-cloud with pie-chart for Mandala #1. (And some more onto the strain info page.) Check it out, and hopefully you will also see the piechart - but normally it should work with the most (actual) browsers. (If not - please send us a short message and we will see what we can do!)

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dangding: at the 09.01.2012, 11:00

I love the database on your site and love the fact that you provide a rich API to program against. However, it needs a registered domain and I want to create a phone app which uses the API, how do i get around that restriction?

Maybe you could introduce a concept of an api key

admin: at the 01.02.2012, 17:19

yeah, youre right :/
it will need a little time, but i will find a solution!

guest: at the 15.09.2013, 01:52

Its very rare to find a site like this with a lot of potential information of the weeds. Keep it up.

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