Energy Costs

Calculate your electricity costs

In order to compute how much energy your indoorgrow will need - and what you have to pay for this at the end - you have to enter some data here. You only need to know how much you're paying for a kwH - check out your last bill if you can't remember. Also you need to input how many days (and how many hours per day) you are illuminating your plants into the growth and bloom, and how much watts you are using for your bulbs.

Lighting in growth:
, every day for , with .
Lighting in bloom:
, every day for , with .
Electronic lamp ballasts are the newest, energysaving state of the art. The old magnetic standart-ballasts will need lots of more energy as the need for the lightning, the new ones dont do so. If you dont know if youre using an electronic ballast, you should not check the box, i am sure you will not have one in this case ;)
We maintain that your exhaust air system is running 24 hours a day. Please insert how much Watts your Exhaust air system needs. This indication is optional...
If you are using a active supply air system, please insert here how much Watts this will need into a hour.
Circulating air ventilation:
, Watt.
Other consumers: (heating, de/humidifier, etc.)
#1: , with
#2: , with
#3: , with
cent per kWh
The Cost of electricity are elementarily, best have a look into your calculation how much you pay exactly.