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Strain: Original Strawberry Cough
Breeder: Dinafem
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~65 days
Only female seeds.

Dinafem - Original Strawberry Cough

This American strain was developed in New York State by the breeder Kyle Kushman, a renowned breeder and grower. The name means “strawberry cough”, it is quite expectorant and tastes like Strawberry.

A common friend of Kyle Kushman and Dinafem offered to bring us this delicious genetics from NYC so we could try it and develop seeds. Obviously we could not refuse such offer. We tested it several times, and loved it so much, that one of our breeders considers it one of his all-times top 5 favorites.

The genetic base is composed of a Sativa strain with a strong Haze component called Cough, and an Indica strain called Strawberry, which brings the fruity sweet taste of strawberries. The sativa hybrid predominance leads to a vigorous plant that grows well, but keeps a balanced structure, with short internodal distances. It blooms in just nine weeks and it has a very powerful, clean and long lasting effect. In addition, tastes sweet and fruity, like strawberries, and yields like an Indica, making it a perfect hybrid that brings together the best of each of the two lines with which it has been created.

Original strawberry cough × Original strawberry cough
Indoor flowering: 65 days
Outdoor harvest: Mid-late October
Indoor yield: 625 g/m2
Outdoor height: 3m

Where can you get this strain?

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