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Strain: Muay Thai
Breeder: Flash Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Flowering: Automatic flowering
~105 days (From seedling to harvest.)
Only female seeds.

Flash Seeds - Muay Thai

One of Flash Auto Seeds latest and greatest creations Muay Thai SuperAuto raises the buddy bar for Sativa dominant autoflowers everywhere. Embedded within her colossal frame you will find long white resinous buds, that breathe a spicy/herbal aroma, harboring rich fruity undertones. Once inhaled, she induces a powerful mind and body blowing stone, taking you on an exotic trip of a lifetime.

A true Thai champion and all round super strain, Muay Thai SuperAuto flexes it's very potent and resin coated muscles (or rather buds) for all to see. Simply put, this feminized specimen is an absolute beauty of a plant.

Fully loaded and ready to blow, Muay Thai SuperAuto possesses a considerable amount of bang for Sativa dominant bud. Flash Auto Seeds really put their all into creating a strain that not only was powerful but would also be aesthetically pleasing, pungent and high performance and we're pleased to say they succeeded. Grown in the great outdoors she proves full well why she is a true champion, yielding a tremendous amount of high quality cannabis. On average, outdoor growers can expect to receive anywhere between 200-400g (per plant).

Just a whiff of Muay Thai SuperAuto is enough to get you hooked. The white resin wonder emits a Thai-infused incense mixed with cherries and a touch of lemon for good measure. An undeniably alluring concoction to say the least.

Muay Thai SuperAuto is an absolute pleasure to grow, her long buds drool with resin and her thin leaves make trimming a breeze. Growing to monstrous heights that pass even the 3 meter mark, she is best grown outdoors, however growers with the space do have the option to grow her in an indoor environment. She completes her life cycle in 95 - 110 days.

One for the pot pleasure seekers out there, Muay Thai SuperAuto take you on a psychedelic ride through time and space. On your full-bodied journey, you'll find yourself incredibly motivated and bursting with creative thoughts. Perfect for sharing among friends.

Stitch: Pure Thai stix sativa gold wire quality that I bought myself in Phuket in 2010, stabilized and reworked for a pure asian style smoke

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