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Strain: Guayita
Breeder: Philosopher Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~65 days
Only female seeds.

Philosopher Seeds - Guayita

In order to get a made in the USA flavour with our touch, we have crossed an elite clone of Guava (Chemdog x Afghani x Chem # 91) with the best elite clone Juanita The Lagrimosa. The result is a peculiar mix of earthy Guava flavors with fruity citrus notes of Juanita Lagrimosa.

Ideal for indoor and suitable for outdoor cultivation. High yield.

Guava Berry Kush / Guayita is a stable phenotype Indian plant which has strong and robust large central bud, with little branching, wide and deep green colored leaves that are clearly reminiscent of it's parent Guava.

Its compact and uniform structure make it ideal for cultivation in SOG (Sea of Green), for which we recommend a density of between 20 and 25 plants per m2.

Guava Berry Kush / Guayita is not a very nutrient demanding plant. It needs to be watered regularly in the flowering period, especially at temperatures above 25°C. Another of the many qualities of this variety, is the flowering cycle with little leaf, so it will be easy and comfortable to tend.

It is pests and diseases resistant, adapts easily to weather changes as well as tolerat to low temperatures.

Guava Berry Kush / Guayita has a strong earthy flavor with a sweet Berry touch. The marriage of these two parents offers stunning Kushflavors. The flavors of the two precursor varieties have resulted in a sweetened Guava with a long finish on the palate.

Guava Berry Kush / Guayita produces a strong effect,surrounding body and soul in a bubble. We recommend smoking it at the end of the day to relax.

In most phenotypes very high concentrations of CBD is obtained.

· Genetics: Guayaba x Juanita la Lagrimosa
· Sativa - Indica content: 40%-60%
· Indoor flowering: 50/60
· Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Mid October
· Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Mid April
· Indoor yield: 450-550 gr/m2
· Outdoor yield: 500-1800 gr per plant
· THC: 18%
· CBD: 12%

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