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Been growing for 35 years, indoor and out. Largest Plant I've ever grown outdoors was in 1988, 20ft and 5 lbs, Colombian X Mexican.

Last 10 years experimenting in Autos for strength and yield.

With great success. My secret to growing is to give your plants as much love and attention as possible, and with all that love, allow the plant to live as long as you possibly can and only harvest one week before the plant dies when the trichomes start turning opaque and then brown. Never listen to grow times (they are only approximations) as each plant is individual.

Have patience and never over water or over fertilize!!

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Although Ed Rosenthal's growing guide was essential reading as a child, I found the Russian clinical growing experiments of the 50's and 60's to be of more relevance with great more insights and techniques for growing.

I am pure organic and only grow in soil. Do add the high PKs for flowering though. Have been known to use Cactus and succulent fertiliser for flowering with fantastic results.

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Have grown outdoors for many years. Mainly in bush though.

Tallest plant was 20ft & 5 lbs in 1988. Don't grow much outdoors at the moment though. Last time growing outdoors was 1998 and a lot has changed since then. Helicopters and Drones with infra red cameras etc...

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