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Master grower and breeder, Paul learned to grow cannabis many years ago from friends in Mendocino. He started breeding in 2006 and for several years he experimented with genetics from many different seed banks. The first keeper strains were created in 2009 (Grape 48 aka Purple AK48) and 2010 (Pauls Purple Fire) and he began producing those strains for the public in 2011 and 2012. Since then, he has traded strains with lots of friends and created several more new awesome strains. “Growing cannabis is my passion, and I plan to continue to keep breeding and cross breeding as long as I can.”

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I grow 3 to 4 indoor crops per year and I have been growing indoors for 6 years. I use 4 Raptor 1000 watt lights (metal halide for vegging and high pressure sodium for budding). I also use 2 8 bulb T5 lights for my seedlings and clones.

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I started about 30 years ago growing guerilla crops in the foothils of Auburn and Placerville in California. Eight years ago, I started growing medical cannabis in my back yard. I have 2 small greenhouses (25' x10' x 10') and I grow 2 crops per year, harvesting in Spring and Fall.