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I like soil mostly, I do use a few dwc bubblers every once in a while. I like to use Fox Farm Ocean Forest. 5 gals or 10gals only. Very organic as I can be. Love bat shit,blood meal, bone meal all the organic stuff. Gives good taste and good smell with no burn. I use bubblers for big yields sometimes, and to scrog , but I have scrogged, Supercropped , Monster Croped, Uncle Ben, topped plants all before. Favortie strains are Trainwreck good for scrogging one of my favs. Bubblegum is one my favs alot lankier then trainwreck ,but not super tall taste like red bubba gum. , not the easiest to grow but if done right amazing like white widow. so top 5 strains 5.Blue Dream 4.Shoreline 3.Chemdawg early versions 2. Girl Scout Cookies 1.Road Kill Skunk just say SKUNK 1 (clone only, its hard to find, but catpiss i like,big buddha cheese its sweeter.) For flavor 5.Bubblegum 4.GSC 3Cotton Candy .2.Jilly Bean 1. Tangie (wow)

I would say i am intermediate. I have over 100 something under my belt. I use led and hps and mh and t5. My opinion some LEDS are good some suck thats why there so much debates with Hps and mh. A good one works great, but I have relized over time it seems like it there great for one plant or the big one maybe 4. So there good I just dont think they put out much heat at all. But I prefer a MH for veg and adding a hps for flowering or just using a digital and switching bulbs but they have much better flowering with both. The t5s I use 4' 4 bulbs great for closets I use to 3000 reds on the sides and the 2 in the middle 5600 blues great. Last 2 weeks of flower might want put all reds in. My favorite is Hps and MH which most digitals do both. Solis Tek ballast are good. Always love nice reflector. I use cannabis for sleep problems,ptsd, and my back lower lumar, some times like 420 or celebration I would say recreational but very healing.Would love to trade seeds, I have so many they are going to get used sometime, but you might have what I want you might have what I want.I really want some clone strains if you get them legit decent price, I know someone but pricy.GG4,C99,Fire Og,Bubba98 I am looking for legit clones shipping to FLorida.

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I have done over 100 strains. But I still think i am a beginner ,but for your scale i put skilled grower. I only do indoor. I use DWC bubblers sometimes and mainly soil my favorite Fox Farm Ocean Forest. Worst problems i seed are Overwatering and I sometimes do it too. But i have found out plants can go a good while without water.. Just about to finish my GDP White Lotus Bubblicious Fifth Element Super Lemon Haze Stink Bomb,Sour Kosher Kush. One Love

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I am moving to Colorado soon. So if I make out there in time. I am gonna try do about 20 outside or 10 not to many cops get suspicious. Anyway, I am going to read up on it a little more. I think the weather here is to hot anyway. I plan to use fox farm with extra perlite a little light warrior. I think get aeration 20 gallon pots or 15 gallon what ever size in that range I have a few 5 gal container I might use.So no grows yet planning one.

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