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Bodhi Seeds
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
No feminized seeds.

Yogi is Giesel (mass super skunk x chem d) x Yo Mama (appalachia x afgooey)..

giesel is one of my alltime favorite plants, big, beautiful and the most complex terpene spectrum of almost any plant... skunky, chemmy, citrus, forest... just plain funky... the yo mama is a crystal producing wild card, big and beyond frosty, with smells and flavors ranging from oatmeal cookies to hot sauce...

i spent awhile running out a bunch of yo mamas to find a real stellar male, and the yo mama male 13 emerged with all the vigor and crystallization yo mama is known for... this is the first cross i was dying to make with him... expect heavy funky shimmering christmas trees of stoney delight.... this hybrid is currently in testing... 33 pre release packs are availible to the heads that cannot wait for the official release next year...

Genetics: giesel x yo mama (m13)
Flowering Time: medium
Height: Medium
Characteristics: big, extremely resinous, nose tickling beauty

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