White Widow
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White Widow at end of life cycle.

Slow in root development and took little longer vege for better yield, no stress show after i tortured with pinching, breaking steams, karate chops, breaking neck, and especially responded very well on defoliation in mid flower stage.

Grow under LED+HPS in same cabinet with few sisters, heavy feeder, but i gave her half of BioBizz nute regime and going well, while on other of her sisters i gave her more than 1.3 EC of Canna nutes but she had no sigh of burn even fingertips stayed normal, without usual nute burn sighs.
10/10 for Seedsman stock.

Every strain i grow from them was fire except Neville Haze who lasted until week 15 into flowering phase(4 wk vege) with no signs of finishing and plant look like just starting to packing buds.

I had no space in cabinet cause she stretched 3.5 times and grow over 2 meters but i supper cropped 3 times, lst etc and at 15 week i gave up and chop her and little buds i save them for butter and edibles, though smell was amazing, like walking into perfume shop.

Seedsman White Widow

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