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Strain: White Diesel
Breeder: THCtalk Seeds
Location: indoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~65 days
No feminized seeds.

Team THCtalk Seeds - White Diesel

A cross of a unique reworked, and backcrossed Widow Mother combined with an outstanding Male parent, a classic geno type Sour Diesel, after much testing and crossing with over 25 Sour Diesels males, We are finally confident we have found the male Sour Diesel genes that we are happy to use in this cross, after over 2 years of test grows up and down the UK, this cross is now ready for sale to THCtalk members.

The Sour Diesel male contributes a no ceiling high, comparable to the best asian sativa types known, to the cross whilst producing the yeilds and taste the mother Widow is well known for, and under 10 weeks of flowering. *expect flowering time to be shorter by up to a week if growing in a hydro system, or coco*

A gram a watt has been easily achieved and surpassed by some test growers with this strain.

White Diesel will take 60 to 70 days flowering in a organic compost for the best results with this only avaliable at THCtalk.com strain.

It is a medium height strain and easy to grow for novices or experianced growers alike, expect stretch to be no more than double from onset of flower till finish.

This is a very homogeneous f1 cross, and if you are lucky the very odd phenotype being almost identical to the reworked Mother Widow in the cross, with the soaring added punch from the Sour Diesel father.

This strain is a ongoing project and this is a limited UK strain release.

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