Blazing Pistileros
Toxic Blue

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Official Information / Basics about Toxic Blue from The Blazing Pistileros

Strain Name
Toxic Blue
Blazing Pistileros
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~63 days
No feminized seeds.

What can we say about Toxic Blue except it is some great herbs!

Toxic Blue was bred a long time ago by motarebel he used a beautiful blue kronic lady and pollenated with a super sticky killian stud, what ya get is some heavy meds that will give you the warm fuzzy hug from the inside, super frosty sparkle like a field of diamonds!

3 phenotype to look after a blue/purple, a diesel dominant, a skunky/indica. Not much stretch on these ladies maybe 1.5X, minimum yield is a good 30grs, we mostly grow soil & organics and get our plants ready in 60 to 65 days depending on how you like your trichs! Great for glaucoma.

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