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Sour Cyclone

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Strain Name
Sour Cyclone
Annunaki Genetics
indoor, outdoor
mostly sativa
~58 days
No feminized seeds.

There are many THC dominant cannabis strains held in high esteem for the wondrous traits and resulting benefits that

THC can deliver, so we set out to breed a cultivar that could stand among these varietals not just in cannabinoid potency, but also grow into a plant that proudly exhibits integrity of structure, appearance, and harvests as good, if not better, than the prized marquee THC strains. To this ambitious goal, we wished to breed a cultivar with a higher CBD content that can deliver effective medicine while still being complemented by THC and a diverse terpene profile.
For this project, we simply chose our absolute favorite CBD strain: Sour Tsunami #3 by Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. Consistently testing at around 10% CBD to a THC level so low it could almost qualify as agricultural hemp, Sour Tsunami is an exceptionally hardy and easy plant to grow. It is incredibly sturdy, vigorous, resinous, and high-yielding. We paired her with a colorful male of our own creation: Pink Dream, which is our cross of Blue Dream X Huckleberry Hound. Here, we were hoping for this father to gift its notable traits as bud structure, color, and yield. Well, consider that all three phenotypes exhibit uniformity in plant structure, bud appearance, and aroma. Even more important, the independent laboratory test results reveal two choices of ideal CBD:THC ratios – 1:1 and 2:1.

All three phenotypes resemble their Sour Tsunami mother when set side by side, but Sour Cyclone grows more branches, and its flowers produce more resin glands. Uniformly, all three phenos exude the same overwhelming sweet lime fuel funk reminiscent of the diesel in its lineage mixed in with nuances of skunk, coffee, and menthol. She is a pleasure to cultivate; requiring little pre-flower trimming as she stacks buds from the most apical point all the way down to the bottom nodes. Several grow cycles confirm that the most vigorous plant in our garden is none other than our Sour Cyclone.

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