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Strain: Satori Haze
Breeder: Cabin Fever
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: indica/sativa
Flowering: ~67 days
No feminized seeds.

Cabin Fever Seed Breeders - Satori Haze

When Mandala Seeds did their first major release, I picked up a pack of everything they had, 6 or 7 different new strains I believe, and they included quite a bit of Landrace genetics in these crosses. Out of everything I have planted so far from them. I like the Satori just a bit more than the others. A very intense sweet and spicy unmistakeable odor, and these gorgeous pagoda shaped flowers covered in resin, I decided to take one of these males and pollinate the Grapefruit/Nevilles Haze.

This is a very strange and unique hybrid, as it is comprised of 2 quick finishing, very psycho-active sativas. It is mite & mold resistant. exceptionally easy to grow, This plant gets huge leaves, it is a high yielding, powerful plant with an exceptional sativa high. low nutrient needs if grown in good organic soil. Flowering times between 63 - 70 days, Great sweet, hazy taste on the exhale and effects set in quickly.

Medical properties include help relieving Depression & Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, symptoms of Nerve disorders, RLS, Parkinson's, Palsy, Tremors. It is not for lightweight smokers, This is very high performance herb. Great for artist, musicians and the like as it is very creative and supports concentration. Good day time medicine.

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