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Strain: Royal Purple Thai
Breeder: SnowHigh Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~74 days
No feminized seeds.

SnowHigh Seeds - Royal Purple Thai

Royal Purple Thai is a combination of Big Sur Holy Weed (Big Sur Holy Bud variant from Bodhi Seeds) that exhibited pink pistils and expressions reminiscent of old school Mexican cultivars from the 50’s-60’s pollinated with a Purple Thai (South East Asian Thai Stick x Purple Afghan) male. Then a select Holy Purple Thai mother was pollinated by a Angola Red x Meao Thai x Purple Thai male to complete the Royal Purple Thai genetic blend. This strain is a real pleasure to grow and smoke, aesthetically it has purple stems and petioles with some phenotypes having colorations of maroon and lavender hues. The floral clusters are quite dense and pack on good amounts of trippy resins that appear with little effort from the gardener. This is a strain to be had if the smoking of other strains has become bland and you’re tired of the same thing just mixed up slightly different. The Royal Purple Thai is also a strain to impress and bring back those memories of the past when import cannabis was the best to be had anywhere. So for those who have lost hope Royal Purple Thai is exactly as advertised.

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