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Strain: Puna Buddaz
Breeder: Pua Mana
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~58 days
Normal or female seeds.

Pua Mana Pakalolo - Puna Buddaz

Puna Buddaz, a Hawaiian landrace strain.

(not to be confused with "Puna Budder" a Afgan x Hawaiian hybrid released by THSeeds. While THSeeds are accomplished breeders with amazing strains like The Hog on their roster, no one can breed like Mother Nature herself here in Hawai'i)

Puna Buddaz is an amazing survivor and true legend in da Pakalolo kingdom.

She handles da tropical monsoon downpours of da Puna District on da Big Island of Hawai’i like a champ. Many Puna growers will tell you after particularly rainy seasons, Puna Buddaz is da last plant standing when many other strains have already succumb to mold issues.

Puna Buddaz is a very special lil lady and is our #1 pick for growing mold resistant strains in Hawai’i.

Puna Buddaz even performs well for our mainland ‘Ohana on da west coast who have grown her in OR and CA with great results.

Puna Buddaz flowers in 55-60 days amassing heavy loads of resin and trichomes, perhaps another reason she beats da mold is her fast flower time.

A small resinous plant that produces huge clusters of da mos »ono (delicious) Pakalolo da islands have to offer!

Puna Buddaz packs a mean Hawaiian punch and is not for the faint of heart!

Blessed with both a very intense physical and mental high that will have you on cloud nine in paradise!

A tripped out spinning psychedelic brain effect that could even be dangerous to the uninitiated Punatic.

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