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Strain: Predator Auto
Breeder: Dutch Quality
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Flowering: Automatic flowering
~70 days (From seedling to harvest.)

Only female seeds.

Dutch Quality Seeds - Predator Auto

Predator is the ultimate variety for AK Auto lovers, the more "difficult" phenotype was selected and stabilized and the result will surely satisfy you. But you have to be ready to give this plant everything he needs, especially indoors, where you can push up to 24/24 cycle for the first 2/3 weeks by providing to the root of these performer the best you can find around. Nuts doses should be progressively increased to reach full repletion and you will be amazed by what this plant can swallow. After flowering beginning, 16-18 and even 20 hours of light will maximize yield. Outdoor open soil is recommend and longer exposures to direct sunlight.

The plant has a branched structure with a main cola not too different in size from the surrounding that - distributed on several pairs of lateral branches - look like an ancient candlestick.

If you can afford an additional week give only abudant water the first 2-3 days and drastically decrease until the end, organoleptics will have great benefit giving you the opportunity to appreciate the spicy nuances of this aromatic auto-flowering strain.

Type: Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis Hybrid
Genetics: Auto Ak selected and enhanced
Height: 60÷100cm indoor; 80÷130 outdoor
Flowering Time: 8/9 weeks
Harvest Time: 9/11 weeks from seed
Yield: 350÷500g/mq indoor; 80-125g/plant outdoor
Active Content: THC high, CBD med
Effect: creative and peaceful dreams

Strain Lineage / Genealogy

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› Predator Auto (Dutch Quality Seeds)
› Predator Auto (Dutch Quality Seeds)

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