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Official Information / Basics about Piensa en Mazar Auto from PEV Seeds Bank

Strain Name
Piensa en Mazar Auto
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
Automatic flowering
~67 days (From seedling to harvest.)
Only female seeds.

PEV Bank bring you Piensa en Mazar Auto, an autoflowering variety perfect for growing on land, in coconut fiber or with the hydroponics system, being very easy to cultivate and with a majestic production.

Piensa en Mazar Auto has been made to give greater speed to the variety Mazar, therefore, PEV Bank has made a genetic mix that comes from the crossing of Mazar, which stands out for its small size resembling Christmas trees with a variety indica Ruderalis , achieving a strain that can be grown in almost all types of climates.

Piensa en Mazar Auto has a cultivation cycle of 9-10 weeks from germination, after which we obtain small and corpulent plants that reward us with compact buds and cakes well laden with resin.

It is, therefore, a good plant to carry out at least four crops per year. We are faced with a splendid variety to grow in pots of 10 liters, as it will not reach greater dimensions for more that we put more substrate.

It can be cultivated perfectly both indoors and outdoors and even in greenhouses, it is a plant very resistant to pests and diseases and that adapts very well to cultivation in hydroponics and with coconut fiber, obtaining great results that in extreme cases have reaching over 150 grams per plant.

Piensa en Mazar Auto brings us an intense aroma and flavor to citrus and spices with small nuances to barrel which makes it a great conglomerate for lovers of classic sensations. In addition it will provide us with a great high that will leave you calm and stimulate the mind, being highly appreciated its effect to minimize the state of stress and anxiety and cases of corporal pains
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Specifications of Piensa en Mazar Auto
Bank: PEV Bank
Type: Autoflowering feminized
Genetics: Mazar, Indica Ruderalis
Phenotype: 75% indicates / 25% Ruderalis
Flowering period: 9-10 weeks
Flowering, indoor: H.N From April to October
Flowering, outdoor: H.S From October to April
Indoor production: 30-60 gr / m2
Outdoor production: 40-70 gr / plant
Height: 60-90cm
THC: 11-13%
CBD: 1-2%

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