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Strain: Piensa en M8
Breeder: PevGrow
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~67 days
Only female seeds.

PEV Seeds Bank - Piensa en M8

This Blueberry plant, Skunk and AK47 and the union of these four splendid strains and after a series of modifications, manages to create Piensa en M8, and whose result is a heady strain. After the initial germination of about three weeks, Piensa en M8 has a cycle of cultivation of 9-10 weeks, after which we will get plants of intermediate height and of great size that give us some dense buds and hard, very loaded of abundant resin ideal to make concentrations of Bho.

Piensa en M8 is a variety that can be cultivated indistinctly both indoors and outdoors. In outdoor, it needs many hours of sun and a favorable climate so that it can develop all its power and easily reach the 150 grams per plant, an barbarity within the reach of very few autoflowering varieties.

Indoors, it's recommended to use pots of 10 liters and a powerful illumination so that the temperature and the light of its photoperiod is of 18/6, which is advised the use of bulbs of 600w, being this way with which we obtain very productive harvests of at least 500 grams per square meter, being able to repeat the crop up to four times a year.

With Piensa en M8 the senses will enjoy in a special way due to its aroma and intense flavor, with touches and nuances of citrus, spices and wood, a whole conglomeration of sensations that delight the senses of the most classic consumers.

If you treat it with love this plant will give a high quality grass, from the first shed you can disconnect everything, since its extreme and powerful psychedelic placement leaves us lying on the sofa for a long time, which is not recommended to have to do more things later.
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Bank: PEV Bank
Type: Feminized
Genetics: Blueberry, Skunk, Ak47
Phenotype: 70% sativa / 30% indica
Flowering period: 9-10 weeks from germinatio
n Outer Harvest H.N: Mid October H.S Outdoor Flowering: October to April
Indoor production: 450-600 gr / m2
Outdoor production: 150-250 gr / plant
Height: 80-160cm
THC: 21%
CBD: Unknown

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