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Strain: One Love Haze
Breeder: Positronics
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~67 days
Only female seeds.

Positronics - One Love Haze

One Love Haze is definitely a plant from its inception is all love, can not be a name that describes the story better than the One Love Haze plant. It all started a while ago, few things marry in this life as well as the Reggae and Marijuana Sponsoring this delicacy from the beginning as himself, starts a legend, the Gordo Master Kush , which is a Limited Series for the most demanding lovers Kush varieties .

The sacred plant has always been a faithful companion in each of the notes of Jamaican music and the combination of both equals party, fun and dreams of freedom . Then came the figure of a great musician and friend of this house, we refer to the great Little Pepe, a symbol of the Rasta culture in our country and beyond our borders.

Exaggerated force from its earliest stages defining its structure with high average internodal distance, with moderately thick stems to be genetic with high percentage of sativa, perfect morphology sativa leaves and dark green imponete not stop soorprenderte also quick to show its first flower buds. Depending on the final height reached or not we putting tutors to avoid falls or unwanted inclinations.

HYBRIDIZATION: Together we select from dozens of varieties, flavors, power development to finally opt for a variety sativa, one Yerba powerful with the peculiar characteristic of Haze powerful yet with a sweet aroma and a perfect brainy to dream of perfect days sun and sand.

All we wanted for this variety is found in the old large jewelry collection Wernard Brunning, a complex variety almost forgotten in an old strain. It is destined to conquer the most selected and strict palates of the planet Ganja and all of haze connoiseurs lineages. Prepare to take a journey into an unknown world of pure love.

The Haze # 19, forgotten was chosen for this work, this variety is an improvement in terms -time harvest- precocity refers associated with an excellent production , usually handicaps in sativa varieties .

PROPERTIES: Aroma , which exotic and intoxicating fragrance that warns us of its uniqueness and enormous degree of acceptance by those who love old school haze , flavor : the icing on the cake, loud blast of conjugated nuances perceptible in the first inhalation primarily denoting fusion herbs - thyme, albahaca- with incense cedar and mahogany notes , complexity capitalized where the grower denote all the genealogical wealth covering or understand.

Requires a complete and varied diet at all stages to achieve and show its genetic potential. Optimum pH 6.0-6.2 and an upward starting from 1.0-1,4 ec up 2.0-2,2 recommended .

CROSSING: haze#1 x haze#9
SMELL: Exotic
EFFECT: Aromatic plants Iniciensos , mahogany notes
THC: 18-22%
CBD: 0.8%
HARVEST TIME: Mid/Late October
PRODUCTION:500-700gr per Plant outdoor or 400 gr/m2 indoor.

Where can you get this strain?

One Love Haze from Positronics is available only as feminized seeds. Regular seeds are not available at the moment. In 8 seedbanks, we found 24 offers between EUR 7.68 and EUR 908.71

1 x feminized 6 x feminized 12 x feminized 18 x feminized 24 x feminized 30 x feminized 36 x feminized 42 x feminized 54 x feminized 100 x feminized 150 x feminized
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