Nuclear Cherries

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Strain Name
Nuclear Cherries
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
No feminized seeds.

Bred by Nukeheads.

Our CBD dominant strain is a cross of BlueBerry CBD and Cherry X Kush producing upwards to 20% and higher CBD while having almost little to no THC concentrations. You can expect a blueish purpling flower with neon green leaves and super resinous sappy buds that smells pungent and potent. The pheno expression can also yield a typical greenish bud and over all the consistency between seedlings is easily identifiable from plant to plant in growth structure. We crossed in the BlueBerry for itís yields and as well as its 17% CBD and almost no THC concentrations as we wanted a higher yielding faster blooming CBD strain. The approach we took is a strain that can quickly produce volumes of flower for CBD labs or farms and flowering fast enough to get harvest or multiple harvests in the summer time season before winter hits causing the operation to go back indoors. If your lab or CBD farm is trying to maximize itís output and CBD concentrations we would like to let you know we continuously put efforts into improving each generation of this in-house strain. We also have farms getting COAís for this strain due to itís consistency and we continue to work with commercial labs looking for bulk purchase at the best prices. If your running a large CBD extraction operation then this strain is definitely for you; this strain is also a favorite of indoor hobby growers who seek medical strains to add into their garden. The smell and aroma of this strain is so strong cracking a bag of it open is usually smelled by someone down a hallway. Itís really sappy strong smelling aromatics that gets the attention of any smoker.

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