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Strain: Northern Light Blue
Breeder: Delicious Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: indica
Flowering: ~53 days
Only female seeds.

Delicious Seeds - Northern Light Blue

An Indica with a great medical value to reduce pains and chronic illnesses. Without exaggerating its organoleptic characteristics, this variety has a nice fragrance of wild berries (strawberries, cranberries...) goving a pleasant sensation of wellness and at the same time a sedative effect. Ideal for large meditation and relaxing times.

Genotype: 100% Indica
Outdoor Harvest: middle of October
Flowering Time: 50 - 55 days
Production: 500 g/m≤ indoor; 450 g/plant outdoor
THC Level: 20%

User-Generated Strain-Profile

Known Phenotypes:
Very homogenous variety. » new » (wrong info??)

For this strain we got input by 11 user(s). Here a short overview:

Flowering Time Indoor: 55 - 63 days (~59 days)
Yield / Quantity Indoor: The crop of this strain is very high.
General Impression Indoor: is all together extremely good and very recommendable.
Harvest Time Outdoor:
Middle of October +/- 1 Week in BmShα climates.
Middle of October in CmShβ climates.
Strength / Lasting Effect: The weed is very strong and long lasting.
Yield / Quantity Outdoor: The crop of this strain is slightly above average.
General Impression Outdoor: is all together extraordinary and quite recommendable.
Votings of our users: Northern Light Blue gets 7.84 of 10 possible Points in the average!

Where can you get this strain?

Northern Light Blue from Delicious Seeds is available only as feminized seeds. Regular seeds are not available at the moment. In 17 seedbanks, we found 58 offers between EUR 6.80 and EUR 606.38

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User-Comments about this strain:

at the 01.09.2017, 09:27:This comment is connected to a Plant-Profile!

I had two distinct phenos of NL Blue. Phenotype #1 was a light green lanky plant with very spindly branches and super long leaf stalks. Overall a very sativaíish plant with the benefit of not needing any actual care, or any additional fertilizers (grown in convential, pre-fertilized soil btw).
Right from the beginning you could tell her Blueberry ancestry by the intense smell of blueberries even a slight stem-rub gave you. This impression carried through the whole flowering cycle: the buds smelled amazingly blueberry-like, mixed with a citrusy milkyness, that reminded me of sunscreen.
The dried buds were in need of several weeks of curing before they revealed their actual aroma: While the smell was almost off-puttingly sweet (like some kind of berry jam with way too much sugar added), the taste is quite different, very much like chocolate cookies mixed with a noticeable background-note of that milky blueberry taste. VERY NICE!
Unfortunately she yielded so badly that even her taste didnít justify keeping her. Ergo: She was discarded :(

Phenotype #2 is different in many ways: A short, bushy, dark green (almost blue) plant that appears to bet the fastest cloning plant Iíve yet encountered (Others said it before me: roots take about a week to appear Ė fantastic feature!). She doesnít need much care, neither in veg nor in flower, though she benefits a lot from a medium feeding regime during flowering.
While in veg the plant looks like it will yield big on you but the actual yield is kind of a let down. Not bad, by any means. Just not as much, as you would hope for. This is also indicated by the massive stretch she shows after switching to 12/12 that elongates the internodal spacing significantly and letís you surmise that she wonít develop any long, bulky colas. So the buds themselves ainít too big, but they make up for it by being among the most dense and hardest ones Iíve seen, as well as being very, very frosty.
During flowering the buds have a bright, pungent, slightly lemony smell with a hint of macadamia aroma, all wrapped in sweet berry tones. Just like pheno #1 the dried and cured buds smell like sweet berry jam. Not quite as spectacular, but very nice, none the less.
The taste is not as pronounced as the smell would make you think: a little rough at first, slightly bitter (sort of like Ďdark-greení), mixed with a subtle sweetness. But on the exhale itís all berry, though not necessarily blueberry. Overall the taste is very nice, just not that strong.

The high of both phenos is very similar: a calming, slightly sedating high that equally effects mind and body. It doesnít put you to sleep but it definitely keeps you from getting shit done. An excellent choice for a cozy evening on the couch.

While pheno #1 took 65 days to properly mature, pheno #2, despite itís indica look, takes even longer and is good to go for about 70 days. With a stated flowering time of about 53 days, this is simply too long.
NL Blue certainly isn't a bad strain, but considering the vast amount of strains that are faster, provide a similar or better buzz and are much more tasty, I can't really recommend it...[6/10]


at the 06.10.2016, 07:03:This comment is connected to a Plant-Profile!

I tried this plant with one seed it is most amazing plant in the garden strong fast growing,It was planted late this year so I don't know the proper size I pruned it to form many branches outdoors its a short plant about 5 ft by 5ft planted in 200 gal pots with no bottom only ground, we had a weird year this year with all the plants, its been raining early this year for a week, buds were not ready yet, so far no mold it has put out the largest buds I have ever seen such big long fat buds one branch looks to be a half pound size of my calf all by itself its about 20 inches long. I will update on the smell and taste when done.....


at the 03.10.2015, 11:17:This comment is connected to a Plant-Profile!

I never worked with delicious seeds And i ve been surprised offerte The results! Easy To grow And beautifull plant To See during Flower! 2 of mine showed a really Nice blue color during The Last 3 week! Strong Very resinous weed!


at the 27.10.2014, 16:33:

Absolutely solid plant. Second time working with NLB. Tastes nice and promises a nice ride with every toke, even for heavy stoners. Vegges fast and hard and clones perfectly. Even the scraggliest, smallest cuttings cloned out with just honey & tap water- didn't even need a humidity dome. Doesn't stink to bad during flowering so good low order strain. Super dependaple easy plant with nice yield and tasty nuggets.


at the 24.10.2013, 17:50:This comment is connected to a Plant-Profile!

planta facil de cultivar,muy buena produccion en poco tiempo!!


at the 02.12.2011, 02:44:This comment is connected to a Plant-Profile!

excellent cloner. super fast actually. good in veg. i run this strain SOG and average about 16 to 17g of dry product per plant. they give a good stretch due to the sativa influence of the blueberry but if you have hieght issue training will be key. this also is a versitle plant that you can supercrop, fim, top, sog, sctog, tree, or whatever. good side branching with solid secondary nugz. found that the flower time on the blueberry leaning pheno is an easy 65 days. an northern lights leaning pheno i have also goes about 60 days. no matter what, you get very frosty, dank ass, super tight nugz. cures fast & tastes great too.


at the 24.11.2010, 06:38:This comment is connected to a Plant-Profile!

I like this plant indoors it taste pretty good, buds are rock hard and smell great,like onionie pine. The first hit out of a pipe tastes like some kind of crazy good OG cross to me with my set up, but it all depends on how You grow it could taste totally different but i love the OG type taste, but i grow great pot and i like this one im sure you will to, though its not a plant that i would fill my grow room with.maybe 2 to 4 out of 12 plants.
5 to 6 Ozís Per Plant is pretty ez with this and 7 gallon pots,Coco coir, perlite, 1000w hps,GH fert, one 1000 on a track will cover 6 to 9 plants well.
Rating says 8.75 but should be 9.50 at least.


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