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Night Hail Ultra

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Official Information / Basics about Night Hail Ultra from Darwin Seeds

Strain Name
Night Hail Ultra
Darwin Seeds
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~70 days
No feminized seeds.

This is the big one from Darwin seeds. Heavy, mega-bush with very dense stature, thatís why ultra is in the name. This girl is a little later finishing but has unbelievable mold resistance and is tolerant of cold weather. The buds are very dense and full of trichome crystals.With the density of these buds, its hard to believe they won`t be full of mould later during finishing. The bottom branches will need some support, because they will become very heavy. The Ultra has a very strong rootball, so it will be steady in strong winds and will be able to support the plant during long dry periods. Its a very healthy and decorative plant.

Harvest time: first half of oct. on 50N

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