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Strain: Nagasaki Nightmare
Breeder: Riot Seeds
Location: indoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: unknown
No feminized seeds.

Riot Seeds - Nagasaki Nightmare

This is one of our early hybrids that we first offered when Riot Seeds went public. It's one of our crosses we made with our Ken's Granddaddy Purple mother and a 1999 Bubbleberry male from Sagarmatha. Two phenotypes remain prevalent - one skittles pheno that smells like tropical candy fruit and the other a Blueberry Muffin/Blueberry Syrup Phenotype. One phenotype purples more than the other, but both will purple in colder conditions, the Ken's GDP leaning pheno (skittles) will purple in any temp. Both have great yields and some killer potency sure to suit any top shelf medical needs. We are working on remaking these right now to offer again in the store.

Strain Lineage / Genealogy

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