Mullumbimby Madness Haze

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Strain Name
Mullumbimby Madness Haze
indoor, outdoor
mostly sativa
No feminized seeds.

Aka: Old Mother Sativa

Old australian strain, maybe pure Thai - maybe a mix between thai and Columbian...

Shantibaba: "The seed I used was from original seed grown in northern NSW in the late 70s and 80s of which some referred to it as Mullumbimby Madness... what I considered a Thai Columbian inbreed line from a fellow grower who had had it growing and collected the seed himself from those places in his travels. There were other strains similar viewed as Mullum Madness, so it depends who you spoke to at the time."

"To answer a bit about Mullumbimby Madness, well that was one of my strains that I worked on in the late 70s and early 80s when I lived in a small village called Main Arm, in between Byron Bay and Kyogle/Lizmore. There was a few legends helping out altogether and we hit something incredible. I still have that as one of the seed stocks that we grow for personal use. It basically was a 3/4 sativa, which is a huge tree and perfect to grow in that sub tropical climate of NSW north out doors. To do this strain inside you need height!!"

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