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Strain: Motavation
Breeder: Magus Genetics
Location: indoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~55 days
Normal or female seeds.

Magus Genetics - Motavation

It took us a while longer than expected, but finally itís here. The long awaited successor of the "Starwarz" & "Medizin Power", "Motavation". A short/squat Indica-dominant hybrid with moderate stretch at flowering, a little leafy but covered with resin so its almost a waste to manicure the buds. Very suitable for indoor/closet growing, although, when using CFLís as a light source, some bending during the first 2 weeks of flowering is recommended to create an even canopy. It will develop a powerful aroma that is somewhat sweet with a touch of turpentine or fresh paint. The high is an overwhelming body stone that will nail you to the couch while your thoughts drift away. You will have the greatest ideas and make many plans, but yet, will not have the urge to execute them right away. If you have any trouble making it thru the long winter evenings, the Motavation will make them pass by as if they never happened.

Flowering period: 50/60 days
Yield: medium/good

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Known Phenotypes: » new » none up to now (homogenous??)

For this strain we got input by 2 user(s). Here a short overview:

Flowering Time Indoor: 56 - 66 days (~61 days)
Yield / Quantity Indoor: The crop of this strain is great.
General Impression Indoor: is all together extremely good and very recommendable.
Harvest Time Outdoor: End of September +/- 1 Week in BlShβ climates.
Strength / Lasting Effect: The weed is very strong and long lasting.
Yield / Quantity Outdoor: The crop of this strain is very high.
General Impression Outdoor: is all together extraordinary and quite recommendable.
Votings of our users: Motavation gets 8.63 of 10 possible Points in the average!

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Motavation from Magus Genetics is available as regular and feminized seeds. In 5 seedbanks, we found 11 offers between EUR 12.00 and EUR 70.00

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User-Comments about this strain:

at the 16.10.2011, 23:42:This comment is connected to a Plant-Profile!

I really enjoyed this plant. Grew outdoors in my guerrilla garden and was my strongest plant of the season. Pretty small main cola, but the amount and thickness of the side branches was insane. I actually prefer that in an outdoor grow because they are less susceptible to mold than a huge, thick, cola. The smell of this strain is incredible. Pretty strong while growing, so if indoor odor control would probably be wise. The smell after curing is mostly fruit with a hint of citrus. I»d say she is a low maintenance plant. We has some crazy weather this year and she took it like a champ. I started slow with the nutes, but during flowering she was able to take a strong feeding. I would definitely consider growing Motavation again.

The Magus description is mostly accurate. They describe it as being a "little leafy" but I didn«t think it was overly leafy. Also they list the flowering time as 50-60 days. That might be the case indoors, but Iíd recommend giving it the full 9 weeks.


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