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Merlot OG

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Strain Name
Merlot OG
Moxie 710
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~60 days
Only female seeds.

Aka: Grape Valley Kush

Merlot OG also known as Grape Valley Kush is a cross between Grape Kush and SFV O.G.
It is an indica dominant variety which performs well both Indoor and Outdoor and takes around 55-65 Days
The SFV O.G. popularized by The Cali Connection Seed Company is a staple of almost every garden in southern California. The circulated clone from these aoutstanding souvenirs provides one of the most succulent and sweet O.G. varieties available these days. With yields being on the lower side, we combined her with the robust Grape Kush male to add girth and strength. The result is a fuel-like pine-heavy smell with huge and dense buds. The trichome coverage is like powdered sugar and the trim is quick and easy.
Extractors will see fantastic results on all solvent and non-solvent concentrates. Expect around 450 grams per meter squared.

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