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Strain: Medical Sativa
Breeder: DutchFem
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~60 days
Only female seeds.

DutchFem - Medical Sativa

Medical Sativa is a medical cannabis variety with a large part being Tangerine Diesel. This strain is one of the few to have a medical seal of approval in America. And thus is increddibly suitable for those wanting to try medical cannabis.

It's a sativa-dominant strain and a crossing between G-13 and A5 haze from Neville! Which was crossed again with G-13. The result of this is a strain with very sweet citrus and orange tones. The tops will be thick and sticky with orange hairs where the sparkling of the THC thichomes will hurt your eyes.
This strain is mainly used as a pain killer, but look out, too much Tangerine Diesel will make you a couch potato. This strain is specially made to help working patients. With the right dosing it will give you an uplifting and euphoric feel in which the spirit will unburden and the pain will be contested.
Medical Sativa will need about 9-10 weeks to bloom nicely and gives a nice fruity tasting and smelling weed. It works against pain, stress and depressions.

Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Average Height 80-120cm
Taste Sweet and Spicy
Effect High

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