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Strain: Margo
Breeder: South Fork
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: indica/sativa
Flowering: ~60 days
No feminized seeds.

South Fork Seed Collective - Margo

This purple-leaning strain brings berry and fuel flavors together as it produces its flowers, along with purple highlights that grow darker and more pronounced when harvested later in the season. South Fork Seed Collective has paired its proven Chemdawg male with Dawg’s Waltz, aka Purple Dawg or Poodle Nut, which was originally bred by High and Loathsome using Purple Urkle and Tres Dawg. This strong Dawg heritage is what inspired the strain’s name — Margo was the name of one of the breeder’s beloved dogs, also known as Purple Dog, who passed away in 2014.

Margo likes to stay warm by the fire, which is why she excels in indoor scenes and light deprivation greenhouse setups. When growing under full sun, this strain is recommended for warmer climates. The enticing berry and grape flavor Margo produces often has a fuel background.

Margo is a bushier variety with an average height and a good yield. But don’t worry about forgetting this average-sized plant in your scene. Like a dog let in from the rain, Margo has a powerful odor before it ever flowers — a purple, fuelly aroma that is considered one of the best smelling plants (pre-flower) that South Fork Seed Collective offers.

OUTDOOR HARVEST TIME: October 14th-25th

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