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Strain: Malana
Breeder: Old World Organics
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~63 days
No feminized seeds.

Old World Organics - Malana

Pure, open pollinated, Oregon acclimatized, sativa hash plant. One of the most incredible and unique smoking experiences we've ever come accross. Selected from seeds obtained from farmers in Malana Village in 2014. Most phenos will finish by mid October, but some will finish earlier. Very tolerant to wet/cold conditions, and almost completely impervious to mold/fungal infections. A very unique sativa experience, not comparable with other western “sativa dominant” varieties. Terpenes of sweet creamy mangoes, and musky sandalwood, with the occasional hints of incensey chocolate from the purple phenos. Absolutely a true Himalayan gem. One of our favorites!

Genetics: Pure Highland Sativa Charas cultivar obtained from farmers in Malana village, Himachal Pradesh, Northern India in 2014
Flowering Time: 9 weeks Indoors; Early to Mid-October Outdoors at 45*N
Yield: Low-Moderate; cultivated for resin production
Mold/Mildew Resistance: Very High

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