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Plant-Profile about Madd Hatter (by Twisty Treat Seeds)

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General Impression

Madd Hatter (Twisty Treat Seeds)

is all together insane strain - absolutely recommendable
(On average 10 Points onto a scale between 0 and 10 !)

Additional Information

Tacoavenger17 says

A beautiful pheno that appears to be starburst bubba dominant, has an amazing citus/fuel scent with hints of tropicalfruits thatis only released if the plant in brushed or bumped into. This pheno was grown from female seed and is an extremely productive resin producer.
Found in a room light with a 1000w hps, a 125w cfl and a 90w led in 7gal container of supersoil (organic). (05.07.2017, 02:35)

Tacoavenger17 says

A taller sativa-dominant pheno that seems to be bloodwreck dominant as it grow very similar to trainwreck. Has a similar scent profile to other phenos of this strain, but this pheno really fills space and seems to be flowering slightly slower than it's sister who is more starburst bubba dominant. I feel if this pheno is allowed to flower longer the yield will definitely be worth the wait. (05.07.2017, 02:45)

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