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Strain: Lowryder Mint
Breeder: DutchBreed
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Flowering: Automatic flowering
~67 days (From seedling to harvest.)

No feminized seeds.

DutchBreed - Lowryder Mint

Lowryder Mint is a cross with Matanuska Mint and a undisclosed ruderalis then inbred to make it 100% auto flower. Some phenos of Lowryder Mint smell of garden mint even having that mint leaf taste and has higher thc than original Lowryder and a totally different gene pool for people to play with, Lowryder Mint from seed to finish in 9 weeks just like Lowryder original but with a little more yield with cfl or hps lighting.

Seed to harvest: 9 to 10 weeks
THC level: Strong 17-23%
Yield per plant: 30 grams upto 40(in ideal conditions)

Strain Lineage / Genealogy

Crossbreeds and hybrids with "Lowryder Mint"

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› Lowryder Mint (DutchBreed)
› Lowryder Mint (DutchBreed)

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