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Lowryder 2 x AK-47

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Official Information / Basics about Lowryder 2 x AK-47 from Plantamaster Seeds

Strain Name
Lowryder 2 x AK-47
Plantamaster Seeds
indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Automatic flowering
~68 days (From seedling to harvest.)
No feminized seeds.

AK-47 Auto - auto-flowering hybrid varieties based on the famous AK-47 and Lowryder 2. This is a very undemanding plant, even a novice will be able to easily get a good crop of fragrant buds.

Medical qualities of these two varieties of autoflovering marijuana among the highest, just so you could not tell from any of the "parents" got our AK-47 Auto their slaughter characteristics.

Genetics Lowryder 2, a recognized leader among the auto-flowering marijuana, gave our breeders the opportunity to get auto-flowering hybrid of AK-47, and added a variety AK-47 Auto is slightly beloved by all "psychedelic."

AK-47 Auto tolerates drought and loves dressing fertilizer weekly, starting with the flowering period, which begins 3-4 weeks from germination. The plant reacts negatively to stress the transplant, so our breeders recommend planting the seeds sprouted right to permanent place. AK-47 Auto guarantees you a very high quality crop, if you follow this simple requirement.

Like other varieties, this strain suitable for cultivation in any substrate, from hydroponics to the ground, as recommended for Indoor, and to grow in the open air. At the beginning of flowering watering organic fertilizer reacts rapid growth, fertilizer overdose carries bad.

Flowering starts automatically after about 15 days of germination and harvest can be an average of 65 days. Smell on flowering strong or moderate in indoor recommend using an air filter. AK-47 Auto has 2 equally powerful phenotypes capable to send to "knockout" from 2 - 3 inhalings therefore we advise beginners to be more careful at the use of this grade.

Day medical or recreational application of AK-47 auto isn't recommended strongly - after the use of marihuana of this grade you will be incapable of productive intellectual and physical activity - the effect when smoking can be compared to a blow to the head.

AK-47 Auto perfectly copes with chronic pains of any origin as has pronounced medical analgesic effect. Also it is applied as quite good antidepressant, helps to remove consequences of a stress and promotes good appetite.

Genetics : Lowryder 2 x AK-47
Flowering Time: 65-70 days
Height: medium
THC: 19-21
Harvest: up to 80 gr. per plant outdoor

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