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Strain: Lily Koi
Breeder: Oregon Green Seed
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~51 days
No feminized seeds.

Oregon Green Seed - Lily Koi

Lily Koi, better known as ‘Green Crack’, but also dubbed ‘cush’ and ‘lily koi’ by Cecil and his peeps.

Worked by me for several generations to stabilize for this selected phenotype and get it into regular seed form.

Indica-dominant growth habit (not stretchy like typical sativas) with a sativa, uplifting effect.

My Lily Koi is special — more densely structured phenotype of the sativa-dominant Green Crack. Her flowers grow fatter, rounder, and a bit more dense than the typical more elongated flowers of Green Crack. Her more dense structure makes her easier to control indoors when space is at a premium, while outdoors she is a super performer. Outdoors, some Lily Koi specimens can go BIG when started early and given plenty sun, wind, and root space.

Even though my Lily Koi is a less-stretch pheno of Green Crack, her yield does not suffer for it thanks to her ideal internode spacing resulting in fat, medium/high density buds on a well-branched and bushy framework.

Flowering Period: 7-7.5 weeks
Harvest outdoors by 3rd week September (northern Oregon)

Height: 4.5 – 7 feet (topped/untopped)
Yield: above average, medium-high
Odor: low, low/med

Good resistance to mold and pests. Good potency and great anytime medicine. Easy grower.

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