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Strain: Lazy Larry
Breeder: Santero
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: indica/sativa
Flowering: ~70 days
No feminized seeds.

Santero - Lazy Larry

this F1 is made from four “Lemon Larry” F1-females, released 2008 by Elite Genetics (NOT the Alpine Seeds-release, but the one they used to make their seeds) and six “G13/Black Widow F4”-males (from Reeferman’s 2005-release, without skunk mixed in as in MNS-release). the effects will range from heady start with lazy finish, but most plants lean to a very relaxing effect that makes chilling a real pleasure and induces some heavy munchies for most people enjoying this good yielding plants. the picture shows a more lemon larry-dominant plant with slight stretch and beautiful colors, but more stocky and greener phenos are also possible, that resemble the father-line that has been used to create this F1-first cross.

Growing Tips:
all Lemon Larry F1-females showed colors and stretched 2-3x times their size after changing to 12/12, mostly uniform in structure. This means that the more lanky / stretchy phenos (with pronounced colors) will be influenced by the Lemon Larry-motherline, while the stronger-stemmed and a bit stockier phenos are more “G13/BW F4”-dom and show less colors but more narcotic effects. the combo of 4 females and 6 males will bring in a wonderful variation of phenos, which makes selecting and picking favorites a real pleasure for the passionate growheadz, while the line in total is stable and ready for selective inbreeding to the desired direction of passoinate growers. tastes range from sweet hash to rubbery OG-fuel mixes with many combinations in between.
harvesting can be done starting week 9, but will add weight and more sleepy effects if taken to 10 or 11 weeks, quite the big widow with a big scope of results in terms of effect. you choose how you like it better. i recommend to run your favorite phenos a few times and check how you like it best. one phenos brings in a vast range of possibilities.

Strain Lineage / Genealogy

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