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Strain: Kush Dream
Breeder: DNA Genetics
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~65 days
No feminized seeds.

DNA Genetics Seeds - Kush Dream

Limited Edition

Here it is as requested by our #DNA_Army. This might be the Largest yielding hybrid of OG Kush ever. Blue Dream is a staple strain on the west coast USA. If its major production on a big scale it's most likely Blue Dream. Blue Dream brings good taste and yields of up to 3lbs per light if your good. So lets imagine how your flowers are going to look like with this one... Big, Fat, THC coated flowers that SMELL like OG Kush. The Lemon flavor of the Capt. Krypt OG dominates with the heavy Blue Dream yield! If the classic Blue Dream doesn't do it for you try this updated hybrid.

Blue Dream x Captain Krypt OG
80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Flowering Time: 60-70 days
Yield: Possible record braker

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Known Phenotypes: » new » none up to now (homogenous??)

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Flowering Time Indoor: 49 - 63 days (~56 days)
Yield / Quantity Indoor: The crop of this strain is high.
General Impression Indoor: is all together extraordinary and quite recommendable.
Votings of our users: Kush Dream gets 7.50 of 10 possible Points in the average!

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at the 27.03.2015, 12:25:This comment is connected to a Plant-Profile!

started with 3 phenos all slightly different but exhibiting traits of both parents.
my preference being the more krypt leaning pheno, yields fairly well and buds are like golf balls, very dense.


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