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Strain: Kobain Kush
Breeder: RedEyed Genetics
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: unknown
No feminized seeds.

RedEyed Genetics - Kobain Kush

Goals: To give our Pre 98 Bubba a better yield, strech, add overall vigor to achieve shorter veg times, and enhance bag appeal. Everyone knows that the Pre 98 Bubba needs a boost in vigor. A slow vegging plant that doesn’t yield well. However the smoke is reason enough for most any patient or recreational user to instantly find a place for this strain on their top 10 list. Beautiful, dense, buds with brilliant tints of purple occurring late in flower. I wanted to retain these qualities of bubba, especially the coffee mocha earthy kush terp profile. Naturally who wouldn’t like a little extra Indica kick in potency, of course better yield, and trich coverage from the white lotus?

I started with sprouting 50 seeds of the F1s I had made from the original stock. Over the course of the next 6 months I selected towards the most Pre 98 Bubba leaning plants in structure, leaf pattern, and stem rub in veg. However I was careful to weed out the plants the exhibited the slow growth characteristics of the bubba. I carefully selected towards bubba leaning plants with added vigor and trich content from the white lotus stud. You could plainly see the stand outs with trichs on their fans in veg, strong starbucks mocha coffee spilled in gas tank smells emitting from the keepers. Out of the fifty I started with I kept two males and five females. For males i choose one bubba leaner to complete the F2 projects, as well as a white lotus leaner with stellar trich production, and still a good bubba influence for pollen collection. The females are all bubba dom across the board but exhibit stellar trich production, much better vigor and stretch than their mother. As well as add a sour fuel note to the bubba terp profile.

Genetics: Pre ’98 Bubba Kush x White Lotus

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