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No feminized seeds.

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The Heavyweight research team don't allow international conflicts thwart their quest for the greatest strain, and this one unquestionably took us on a crazy excursion! Our pursuit of herbal perfection led us across the foothills of the Pir Panjal mountain range, in to the questioned and politically unstable region of Kashmir. Following days of trekking, difficult donkey rides and avoiding army patrols, we finally arrived at a tiny village. Here we greeted Avinash, our Kashmiri connection, and a true expert of all things Kush. Avinash was eager to familiarize us to a native farmer, who was simply nurturing a number of the sweetest herbs located in the region. Buried behind a crop of yellow corn, we gawked at the flourishing examples right in our face - however the strategies of cultivation were basic, the end results were awe-inspiring. A sample of the finalized product left us in without doubt - we merely needed to get this mother straight back to the heavyweight labs! Easier said... then done - our return voyage required navigating the Haji Pir Pass, an outpost guarded by means of the Pakistani army, at midnight. The ganja gods were clearly monitoring over us, nevertheless, and ensured a secure passage throughout the perilous terrain from the light of the moon. Once back on allied turf, we instantly began focusing on our Kashmiri Queen. Several months of experimentation ultimately resulted in a cross of the Kashmiri with the grand Bubble Candy, and Midnight X-press was blessed...

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