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Strain: Kalashnikov
Breeder: Zativo
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~60 days
Only female seeds.

Zativo - Kalashnikov

Be ready for a true one hit wonder here. Based on the illustrious AK-47, our Kalashnikov takes 8-9 weeks to flower and produces some serious results. Brace yourself for the ride, Kalashnikov is a real beast.

Kalashnikov cannabis seeds are an easy to grow all rounder that produces some truly outstanding results, with fairly minimal effort. Based on the illustrious AK-47, our Kalashnikov has the same potent “one hit wonder” high and highly sought after pungent aroma. These marijuana seeds will not disappoint you, they live up to the standard of a very strong name.

Compromising of a mix of Mexican, Colombian, Thai and Afghan strains, our Kalashnikov has a spicy aroma that hides earthy, woody undertones. When smoked it will hit your mouth with a more pleasantly floral flavor that belies its smell.

Kalashnikov induces an instant mellowing and clear cerebral high. Don't let this fool you though, it is still a potent monster - with THC content often above 20%. This is where the name “one hit wonder came from for the original AK-47 - it only takes one hit for most people to be comfortably on their way to bliss. This potency and clear headedness makes Kalashnikov a perfect choice for chilling with friends or attending other social activities, such as concerts. You will be able to easily enjoy what is going on around you, appreciating the company you are in, and drinking in all that you see and hear. Be careful though, whilst this can be a sociable strain, too much of Kalashnikov can easily tip the most seasoned veteran over the edge into the land of couch-lock – making you feel completely wasted.

Medical users will appreciate the versatility of Kalashnikov. A small amount can help with anxiety, stress, depress and nausea; whereas a higher dosage will couch-lock you, removing the symptoms of pain, migraines and other physical ailments.

The ease of growth Kalashnikov has will suit commercial growers and home growers alike; both novice and veteran. It is highly resilient to rookie errors as well as mold and pests. When grown indoors, you are looking at a flowering time of roughly 8-9 weeks – pretty fast for a sativa dominant hybrid. Generally you can expect a yield of 350-500 g/m2 for your time and effort. As they grow, Kalashnikov cannabis seeds will produce a plant that becomes covered in resinous buds – they are so resinous that they almost sparkle under the grow lights!

Kalashnikov can also be grown outdoors, but tends to do better indoors unless in a very warm climate, (such as Spain, Italy or the state of California). If you are not fortunate enough to live in such a climate then you may wish to consider placing it in a greenhouse. In this situation you can expect a harvest around the middle to end of October.

Kalashnikov marijuana seeds are an example of some really high quality genetics. It is one of the best in our catalog here at Zativo and we are extremely proud of it. As we are sure you will agree, it is a fitting tribute to the original AK-47, and is understandably one of our most popular strains. If you want some seriously strong sativa vibes, then Kalashnikov is for you.

Genetics: 60% sativa - 40% indica
Flowering period: 8-9 weeks
THC%: 19%
CBD%: Low
Yield (indoor): 350-500g/m˛
Height (indoor): 80-140cm
Yield (outdoor): 600-650g/plant
Height (outdoor): 130-180cm
Harvest time (outdoor): End of October

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