Jacked-Up (SubCool’s The Dank) :: StrainReview :: Indoor :: No.17190491238737933 by alexQC :: Short, compact, fastly blossoming, indica-dominant Phenotype #3

Plant-Profile about Jacked-Up (by SubCool’s The Dank)

This Plant-Profile is a individual expression by , uploaded at the 04.01.2016.

Information about the growth of the plants:

Flowering Time Indoor
Between 60 an 70 days (Average: 65 days.)
Stretch after the initiation of flowering
±100 Percent
Initiation of flowering onto around 30 cm. - Final Height onto around 60 cm.
Growth Behavior
Side Branches
extremely many; very long as well as very strong and vigorous.
The plants of this Cannabis-Strain...
...need place and should not be placed close together. not need much care.
...are tolerant to over- or under-fertilization.
...looks and grow more like a Sativa.
...are well suited for a ScroG (Screen of Green).
...are a good choice for beginners.
...are well suited to Supercropping. many, thick buds on the side branches.
...respond well to the pruning of the main stem.

Harvest, Yield, Taste, Aroma, strength and effectiveness

Yield / Quantity
The crop of this strain is great.
Buds / Leaves
The ratio of buds to leaves is very good.
Bud Structure
The dried buds are hard and compact.

General Impression

Jacked-Up (SubCool’s The Dank)
(Indoor; Short, compact, fastly blossoming, indica-dominant Phenotype #3)

is all together extremely good and very recommendable
(On average 9 Points onto a scale between 0 and 10 !)

Additional Information

alexQC says

There are 3 phenotypes that came in during this grow of 5 seeds. 1 seed never germinated and this is the first time it has happened to me in the past 4 or 5 years and I have grown quite a few seeds, but as they were freebies I can't complain (open seed pack from the seedbank so it might be a storage or manipulation issue on their part) Of the 4 that germinated 3 were female and I got 3 distinct phenotypes.

short, compact, fastly blossoming, indica-dominant Phenotype #3:

Pheno#3 yielded 4.5oz for a 30 day Veg and 70 day flowering and the buds are very interinsting showing the most color of the 3 phenos, Short, compact, fastly blossoming very round buds cover the branches, not the biggest buds, but many many of them cover the branches I would say that it is the most commercial pheno as the buds have only a few little leafs making for a qwick trim and they are very heavy and compact. Nice crystals and smell not as impressive as pheno #1 overall very well balanced yield vs bag appeal. . I grow in a biological setup so I can't really comment on nute tolerance but once well-established she can handle a very rich soil.
(04.01.2016, 15:45)

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