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Strain: Insane Chem 91
Breeder: Insane Seed Posse
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~67 days
No feminized seeds.

Insane Seed Posse - Insane Chem 91

Aka: IC91

Parental Information

Chem 91 (clone only) aquired in NYC in late 1993, crossed to a Pre-Invasion Afghan (obtained on the Indus River in late 77 / early 78) during a hash deal. Large selection pool, all offspring tested. The best male from that cross was repeatedly back crossed to the Chem 91 (clone only) mother, to produce Chem 91 BX1, BX2, and BX3.
This strain is made up of ISP's Chem 91 BX2 (f) x ISP's Chem 91 BX3 (m).
Plain & simple, she's a Chem 91 on Pre-Invasion Afghan Steroids. All the potency, but with better yields.
This strain does not like: soggy grow mediums / being rootbound / or large pH swings. Does best grown in soil, peat moss, or coco. Hydro only for experienced growers.

Describe each phenotype expression:

Pheno # 1 (70 %) : looks like a 50/50 mix of Chem 91 & a Pre-Invasion Afghan. Requires a 30 to 40 day veg, and 63 to 70 days of flowering for best yields. Cal-mag fed lightly from veg, thru the 4 th week of flowering. Feed moderate to heavy in both veg / flowering. Forms large main cola, with smaller golf ball sized buds on side branches. Heavy odor during flowering, predominantly Chemical Smells / Diesel Fuel with hints of Fruit / Citrus with Sweet & Sour undertones. Intense up high, followed a short time later by heavy body relaxation. Occasional smokers may puke from the rush of THC.

Pheno # 2 (30 %): looks more Pre-Invasion Afghan dominant, but veg's faster (than a typical Afghan), she also stretches more once put into flowering. Great potency, like Pheno # 1. Requires a 30 to 40 day veg, 58 to 63 days of flowering for best yields. So, she's a week faster than Pheno # 1. Same feeding requirements. Best topped to form several large colas (improves yield). Heavy odor during flowering, predominantly Fruity odors / Diesel Fuel / Citrus (sweet oranges & tangy lemons) / with sharp undertones that make your nose tingle / burn. Very nice up high that builds over time, with more body effect earlier in the ride. Occasional smokers may puke if they over indulge (watch out, the flavor lures you in).

Stretch: 1 to 1.5

Resin Profile: High resin

Odour Score: 8

Odour Description: Cleaning Chemicals / Diesel Fuel / Burnt Rubber / Skunky / Fruit / Citrus, with Sweet & Sour, or Sharp Undertones ...

Flavour Score: 8

Flavour Description: Diesel Fuel / Ripe Fruits / Citrus / with Sweet & Sour undertones

Potency Score: 8

High Type: Intense up high, with lot's of body relaxation.

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